Can a judge order a parent to pay for college?

Can a judge order a parent to pay for college?

When it comes to payment of private school tuition, these child support laws mean that the court generally can’t order the parents to pay for it. In fact, the California legislature has determined that parents have met their obligation to educate their child by enrolling him or her in public school.

Can you be forced to pay for college?

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In 1982 the state’s supreme court ruled that college can be considered a necessity. Most states do not require parents to pay for college, but they typically enforce divorce agreements that obligate a parent to cover higher education costs.

Do both divorced parents file Fafsa?

If your parents are divorced, separated, or were never married and DON’T live together, you fill out the FAFSA based on your custodial parent. If you live with both parents equally, you fill out the FAFSA based on the parent who gave you more financial support in the last year.

Does child support cover college expenses?

There are two types of child support that are paid when a child attends post-secondary education: basic (section 3) support and extraordinary (section 7) expenses. The cost of tuition, books and other mandatory expenses such as school fees are almost always considered section 7 expenses.

Do full time students pay child maintenance?

Paying No Maintenance There are situations where you can have Parental Responsibility but not have to pay maintenance for your children. However, this only occurs if you’re a full-time student, or aged 16-19 and in full-time advanced education, or if you’re living in a nursing home and receiving help to pay the fees.

Are bills considered in child support?

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The reason for this rule is that the law considers support payments a higher priority than other types of debts. In some states the court may take into account the reasonable expenses incurred by the paying spouse for his or her own basic necessities of life (such as rent or mortgage, food, clothing, and health care).

Does a defacto relationship affect child support?

Child support, spousal maintenance and Centrelink family assistance payments apply to couples who were married or in a de facto relationship, including a same sex relationship.

What child support covers Qld?

Child Support covers expenses for children such as food, housing, clothes, school costs and other extra-curricular activities. The Child Support Agency (CSA), is the commonwealth government agency responsible for child support (or financial support for children).