How far back does ThruLines go?

How far back does ThruLines go?

7 generations

Can I share my ancestry tree?

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You can invite friends and family members to view and collaborate on your tree using their email addresses or Ancestry usernames. To invite someone to your tree, select the tree from the “Trees” button at the top of any Ancestry page, then choose “Share your tree” and follow instructions on how to share.

How do I make my ancestry tree public?

Changing your privacy settingsIn your tree, click the tree name menu and select Tree Settings.On the Tree Settings page, select the Privacy Settings tab.Select Public Tree or Private Tree. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

How do you share your genealogy information?

Try these simple suggestions for sharing your discoveries so others can benefit from what you have found.Reach out to Others. Yevgen Timashov / Getty Images. Submit Your Family Tree to Databases. Create a Family Web Page. Print Beautiful Family Trees. Publish Short Family Histories.