Is sexting a sin?

Is sexting a sin?

Originally Answered: Is Sexting a sin? While on a completely literal, face-value level, sexting without pictures does not involve looking upon anyone, it is for the purpose of stirring up lust in the heart and is against the spirit of Jesus’s teaching.

Is sexting a crime?

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Sexting must not be crime when the exchange is consensual and the images are not used to humiliate/harass the subject. While this is an excellent effort to curb child pornography, the Act still remains vague on consensual sexting between minors.

Is Sexting reportable?

Sexting is a strict liability crime. The laws require punitive action against sending/receiving. A conviction will constitute a violation, misdemeanor, or felony. Legal provisions exist to address “Romeo and Juliet” situations, where two minors send sexually explicit images to each other.

Is it a sin to send pictures?

One, unless you are married, it’s lust. That’s a sin in the Bible. That aside, if married, you looking at pictures in lust is a sin. Sending photos and enticing someone else to lust is also a sin.