What happens when you get a PFA?

What happens when you get a PFA?

A contempt hearing will be scheduled before a Judge. If the Judge decides that the PFA order was violated, the abuser can be put in jail for up to 6 months and/or fined up to $1000, or the judge may issue such other order they may deem necessary.

How long does it take for a PFA to be served?

It usually does not take the full 24 hours, but it could take that long. If it is approved, you will have to arrange for the respondent to be served with the order before he/she can be held responsible for his/her actions. This could delay it, depending on your ability to have them served.

How does order of protection affect divorce?

Orders of protection are designed to protect one party from abuse. However, they’re often used by women as a tool to get a leg up in their divorce case. By filing for an order of protection prior to filing for divorce, one party can gain an advantage regarding property division, child custody or child support.

What is a PFA for?

A PFA stands for Protection From Abuse. It is a civil procedure available to someone who is a victim of domestic violence from an intimate partner, household member, or family member. Abuse is defined as physical injury or the threat of physical injury.

How do I drop a PFA in Kansas?

If you wish to drop the PFA, the Court Clerk’s office has the necessary forms. You will need to complete the forms and then have the Judge who issued the “No Contact” Order sign off on your dismissal. Do not drop the PFA if you still have concerns about your or your child(ren)’s safety.