What if my ex stops paying alimony?

What if my ex stops paying alimony?

You should hire an attorney to assist you with the process and get the ball rolling by filing a motion with the court, asking the judge to order your former spouse to pay all overdue payments and ensure no future payments are missed. In legal terms, this is known as a motion for contempt or enforcement.Nov 4, 2019

What happens if I can’t pay my alimony?

Introduction. If spousal support is owed under a court order or an agreement, a failure to pay the support owing is a breach of that order or agreement, and, in the case of orders, it can be contempt of court as well.

Can you sue for back alimony?

If your spouse owes you a substantial amount, you can ask the court to issue a money judgment against your spouse for the total amount owed, along with interest. You may also be entitled to reimbursement for the attorneys’ fees you incurred in connection with the efforts to get your overdue alimony paid.

Can my wife get alimony if she cheated on me?

If you committed adultery, but your spouse permitted it or forgave you and carried on with your marriage even once the affair ended, your instance of adultery will not likely prevent you from receiving an award of alimony.

How do you garnish wages for alimony?

The forms must be filed with the proper court clerk before the copies can be served on the paying spouse’s employer and the paying spouse. Proof of service must be provided to the court to ensure that the spouse subject to paying support was properly notified of the wage garnishment request.

Can alimony be reduced?

If you haven’t done either of these things, file your claim at any court in Alberta. If you’re the payor and are applying to reduce your support, the amount of support you have to pay won’t change until the court has made an order. If you don’t come to court, the judge may make an order in your absence.