What does bifurcate mean in a divorce?

What does bifurcate mean in a divorce?

California allows what is called a bifurcated divorce, which grants the dissolution of a marriage before all of the other aspects of a divorce are finalized. In order to move forward with a divorce more quickly and avoid slow divorce proceedings, a couple may agree to apply for bifurcation.

How long does a bifurcated divorce take?

Some states that offer bifurcated divorces will still uphold a six month waiting period, but this is often a preferable alternative to waiting until all the details of the divorce are finalized. Bifurcation can also sometimes help speed up the divorce proceedings in terms of division of property.

What is bifurcation of marital status?

Bifurcation allows the parties in a divorce to be restored to the status of single persons while all other pending issues in the divorce remain unresolved. A bifurcation will only result in the termination of marital status, and hence restore the parties to single person status.