At what age can a kid decide where they want to live?

At what age can a kid decide where they want to live?

There is no specific age at which you can decide where you want to live. The answer to this depends on your situation. The courts may seek a child’s opinion when the child is 12 or older. There have been some cases in which the child’s opinion was considered when the child was under 12.

Can I legally move out at 17 in Arizona?

Question: In state of Arizona can a 17 year old move out without parents permission? If a person is under age 18 in Arizona, he or she cannot leave home without a parent’s permission unless he or she is fully emancipated, or the parents have lost their right to parental authority.

How long does it take to get emancipated in Arizona?

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Emancipation Requirements The teen will also need to provide proof that they have been living on their own for at least three months, or provide a statement explaining why their home is an unsafe environment or provide a notarized document from their parents consenting to the emancipation.

Is it illegal to runaway in Arizona?

Running away is not a crime. If an officer anywhere in the country runs a check on the child, a ‘hit’ will come up advising the officer of the runaway status. The officer will then verify the child’s identity and the child’s parents will be contacted to take custody of their child.