Can you find divorce records online for free?

Can you find divorce records online for free? is one online public records website that offers online access to divorce records with a first and last name. also offers a variety of other free records and public information, including: Birth records.Jan 4, 2017

Are public records accurate?

filing for divorce online

Public records are not always reliable. But, when it comes to recorded sales, public records are as accurate as you will find. For agents, MLS data does have it advantages. It is easier to use and to find the data you are looking for. But for consumers, it can be difficult to get.

What is public records on a credit report?

Public records that can appear on your credit report include bankruptcy, judgment, or a tax lien. In some states, foreclosure and repossession are also public records. These entries are also the worst types of entries to appear on your credit report because they show a serious delinquency.

How long does public record stay on credit report?

seven years