Can you move out of state while going through a divorce?

Can you move out of state while going through a divorce?

In California, at least one party must be a resident of the state and county where the divorce is filed. If you move out of state before the divorce is filed or while the case is pending, you can still handle the case in a California court if your spouse continues to meet the residency requirements.

Can custodial parent move to another city?

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The basic \u201crelocation\u201d rule is as follows: when the parent of a minor child wishes to move out of state or to a location where the distance would significantly impair the ability of the non-relocating parent to exercise custodial time with the child, that parent must seek the approval of the other parent or any other …

How far can a parent move with joint custody in New York?

Usually, a parent’s reasons for wanting to relocate will center on moving for a new spouse or relationship, or to move forward in their career. However, under New York law, one parent cannot just move a child far away from their other parent without Court permission if the other parent objects.

Can my ex husband keep my boyfriend from moving in?

4 attorney answers Generally, there is nothing you can do to prevent your soon to be ex wife’s boyfriend from moving in. However, if you feel that he may be a negative presence in the home and around your children, you can file a motion to prevent this from…Dec 1, 2010

Can I lose custody for dating a felon?

While dating a felon does not automatically mean you will lose custody of your child, the child’s other parent can use it as an argument against you in court. If you are dating someone who had felon charges years early but has demonstrated a clear history since the risk is lower.