Do Callie and Arizona end up together?

Do Callie and Arizona end up together?

One of the most talked-about couples in Grey’s Anatomy history is Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) and Calliope \u201cCallie\u201d Torres (Sara Ramirez). Calzona, as fans call the pair, broke up in season 11, to viewers dismay. At the end of the season, Callie moves to New York with her girlfriend, Penny, and daughter Sofia.Dec 2, 2019

Who does Arizona Robbins cheat with?

Lauren Boswell

Does Webber die?

Richard Webber nearly died of a mysterious illness, but got a lifesaving surgery during the finale. After being fired during season 15 for not reporting Meredith’s insurance fraud, Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.)10 de abr. de 2020

Was Arizona Robbins pregnant?

When her period was one day late and her breasts started to hurt, Arizona took a pregnancy test and found out that she was in fact pregnant. She told Callie that they were having a baby when Callie came home that night after a long day of work. They hugged in happiness, and Callie even kissed Arizona’s belly.13 de set. de 2018

Why did they kill off Lexie?

The reason given for Lexie’s departure after over five years on the show was Leigh’s desire to spend more time with her family. Both the character and Leigh’s performance received positive feedback and acclaim.

Who does Owen Hunt marry?

Owen HuntFamilyMegan Hunt (sister) Evelyn Hunt (mother)SpouseCristina Yang ​ ​ ( m. 2010; div. 2013)​ Amelia Shepherd ​ ​ ( m. 2016; div. 2017)​Significant otherTeddy Altman Emma Marling Beth Whitman (ex-fiancée) Carina DelucaChildrenLeo Hunt (adopted son) Allison Hunt (daughter with Teddy Altman)Mais 9 linhas