Does divorce sever joint tenancy California?

Does divorce sever joint tenancy California?

The ambiguous status of property ownership is only while a divorce is pending. A judgment for dissolution of marriage automatically severs the joint tenancy. After the marriage is dissolved real property owned in joint tenancy is severed under California law.

What does joint tenancy mean in California?

Joint tenancy is a property ownership structure between two or more co-owners in which each person owns an undivided interest of the property (called joint tenants). In California, the majority of married couples hold their real estate property as joint tenants with right of survivorship.

Does adultery cause divorce?

In order to use adultery as grounds for a divorce, the filing party must present sufficient proof that the other party had sexual relations with a third party. Circumstantial as well as documented evidence, including videotapes of the spouse committing the sexual infidelity, can be used as proof of adultery.