How are pets divided in a divorce?

How are pets divided in a divorce?

In most places, the law treats pets as personal possessions \u2013 like a chair or a TV \u2013 and pets are considered the separate property of the person who owned them before marriage. So generally speaking, if one spouse owned the pet before the marriage, that pet will go to them in a divorce.

Are dogs affected by divorce?

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“I do see quite a few cases of pets with behaviour problems following separation or divorcemost commonly separation anxiety in dogs,” she told the ABC. “Any big disruption to their normal routine or breaking of attachment bonds affects them a lot.”

What animals are illegal to own in Arizona?

Exotic PetsAll non-domestic canines like wolves and coyotes are restricted.Primates, including orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas, macaques and spider monkeys;Alligators, crocodiles, caimans and other members of the Crocodilla family;Poisonous snakes, including rattle snakes, cobras, coral snakes, mambas and others;More items…