How can a stay at home mom afford a divorce?

How can a stay at home mom afford a divorce?

Divorce & The Stay-At-Home MomGet all of your financial documents together: Gain access to funds: Craft a new budget: Know what the marital house is worth: Get a handle on your credit: Plan to return to work: Consider requesting temporary alimony: Hire a team of qualified professionals:

How do I leave my husband as a stay at home mom?

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4 Steps to Leaving Your Marriage When You’re Financially DependentFind good sources of emotional support. Move closer to your family – even if you don’t want to. Research different ways to get financial support. Gather evidence of your husband’s financial and other affairs.

What is a stay at home mom worth? Reveals Stay-at-Home Moms are Worth $162,581 a Year.

Can a stay at home mom get custody?

Since you are a stay-at-home mother, the court may award you temporary spousal maintenance and you may even be entitled to remain in the home and have your ex responsible for the mortgage. As for child custody, since you have been the child’s primary caregiver since he was born, you have a slight edge.