How do I get emergency custody in Arizona?

How do I get emergency custody in Arizona?

Filing a Petition for Emergency Custody of a Child In either event, you must file a petition containing all of the allegations you believe support the contention that parenting time between a child and a parent places the child in imminent danger of serious harm. That petition must be verified by you.

How do I get temporary custody of my child in Arizona?

To file for temporary orders you need a special court form called the Petition for Temporary Orders, and some other documents. You also need to get a hearing date scheduled for the judge to decide about the temporary order petition.

How can grandparents get custody of grandchildren in Arizona?

Arizona law provides that where grandparents have and “stood in the shoes” of the parent, they may be entitled to obtain custody. This is called “In loco parentis” custody. One of the legal parents is deceased. The child’s legal parents are not married to each other at the time the petition is filed.

How do I stop visiting my grandparents?

First, you can petition the court to terminate the visitation rights. Second, in some states you can stop grandparent visitation by adopting the child if you are a step-parent. In order to properly proceed with terminating grandparent visitation, you should meet with a qualified family law attorney.

What is grandparent alienation?

As with alienation between a parent and child, alienation between a grandparent and grandchild represents a form of ambiguous loss in which the child is physically absent but very much alive in the heart and mind of the grieving grandparent. There is no closure because the child is still alive.