How do I get married in Flagstaff AZ?

How do I get married in Flagstaff AZ?

Marriage licenses are available at the Page and Williams Justice Courts and at the Clerk of the Superior Court office at the courthouse, which is located at 200 N. San Francisco St. in Flagstaff. Both parties must appear together, in person, for the issuance of the license.

How long does it take to get a marriage license in Arizona?

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Once your license has been signed by a judge, minister or officiant, it must be given to the county recorder within 30 days, or won’t be recorded. I always send signed marriage licenses to the recorder within 24 hours of being signed.

How much does a courthouse wedding cost in Arizona?

The fee for a marriage license is $83.00 payable by cash or money order, debit card or credit card. The fee to convert a traditional license to a covenant marriage is $30.00.

Do you need a witness to get married in Arizona?

Witnesses are not necessary to apply for a license, but state law requires that at least two witnesses be present at the ceremony. Witnesses must be at least 18 years of age. Are same sex marriages legal in the State of Arizona? Yes, as of same sex marriages are recognized in the State of Arizona.

Who can legally marry you in Arizona?

Marriages may be performed by any of these officiants: Duly licensed or ordained clergy (includes ministers, elders or other persons who by the customs, rules and regulations of a religious society or sect are authorized or permitted to officiate at marriage ceremonies) Judges of courts of record.

What is needed to get married in Arizona?

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What do I need to get a marriage license? You need to provide identification and possibly proof of age. Arizona does not require a blood test or a copy of your dissolution of marriage decree .

Do you have to pay alimony in Arizona?

On the other hand, a marriage that lasted over 20 years may be deemed long-term, resulting in a larger award… but not every judge follows this (or any other) guideline. In terms of spousal maintenance duration, most court orders require alimony payments to last 30 to 50 percent of the marriage duration.