How do I get the deed to my house in Arizona?

How do I get the deed to my house in Arizona?

Homeowners can request copies of their property records from the Recorder’s Office by calling or visiting Click on “Recorder” and “Search Recorded Documents,” enter your name, click on the document you want and select “Buy Document” at the bottom.

How do I get my name off a house deed?

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Follow these steps to remove someone’s name from a property title:(Optional) Hire a licensed conveyancer. Fill out a transfer of title form. Submit the transfer of title form. Pay the fee. Wait for the form to be processed.

Does a quitclaim deed remove me from the mortgage?

When someone signs a quitclaim deed, it means that they’re effectively giving up their claim or rights to the property. Keep in mind that a quitclaim deed has no effect on the mortgage, so even if you remove a person from the deed, all parties on the mortgage are still responsible for payments.

Why does spouse have to sign deed?

Due to the vested interest of the non-titled spouse, your title company needs to figure out if the real estate transaction involves community property, and if it does, buyers and lenders will require the signature of your spouse on legal documents.

Should I put my spouse on the deed?

When it comes to reasons why you shouldn’t add your new spouse to the Deed, the answer is simple – divorce and equitable distribution. If you choose not to put your spouse on the Deed and the two of you divorce, the entire value of the home is not subject to equitable distribution.

Does spouse have to sign closing disclosure?

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There is no requirement for the Closing Disclosure to be executed (signed) by the consumer under the rule, but you should ascertain whether or not this may be required by a specific loan program or investor in order to insure or purchase the loan.

Who needs to sign the initial closing disclosure?

All parties on the loan (and in some cases even spouses that aren’t on the loan) must e-sign the Initial CD to close on time. Federal law mandates the Initial Closing Disclosure be signed three business days before closing. A delay in signing the Initial CD will result in a delayed closing.

What states still have dower rights?

Besides Ohio, there are just two states that still recognize traditional dower rights – Arkansas and Kentucky. A number of states that have abolished dower, however, retain effective spousal protections.