How do you serve an order of protection?

How do you serve an order of protection?

The order of protection must be served as soon as possible, and the person who serves the papers must complete an “Affidavit of Service” have it notarized and filed with the court as soon as possible. You need to bring the Affidavit Service when you return to court; otherwise, the case may be delayed or dismissed.

Will a judge drop a no contact order?

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You cannot drop the charges, but as long as the judge believes that you are not being forced or coerced into dropping the No Contact order, he/she should drop it. Just go to the court that put the order in effect and ask the Clerk’s office to pull the case and tell them what it is that you are seeking.

What happens if the victim violates a no contact order?

Under a no-contact order, the defendant is ordered to stay away from the victim, whether that be in person or through other forms of communication, like texting or by mail. “If they violate the no-contact-order, then it’s grounds for their bond to be revoked,” Zanowski explained.

How serious is a no contact order?

If a person violates a no contact orders, he or she can face serious consequences. Consequences often include potential jail time, the payment of fines or the loss of certain civil rights. Violating a no contact order is considered a crime as well as a violation of a probation, parole or bail conditions.