How is alimony determined in Arizona?

How is alimony determined in Arizona?

The formula provided the alimony award should be between 30% to 50% of the length of the marriage. There are many factors affecting whether the duration should be closer to 30% or 50% of the length of the marriage.

How long do you have to pay spousal support in Arizona?

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In terms of spousal maintenance duration, most court orders require alimony payments to last 30 to 50 percent of the marriage duration. A year-long marriage, for example, may result in spousal support lasting four months or so.

Is Arizona an alimony state?

Arizona is what is known as a rehabilitate state when it comes to alimony. Meaning that the purpose of the alimony should be to enable the other spouse to get back on their feet and be self-sufficient. Thus alimony awards in Arizona may be for less number of years than what other states would award.

What is considered abandonment in Arizona?

Arizona law defines child abandonment by statute. Failure to maintain a normal parental relationship with the child without just cause for a period of six months constitutes prima facie evidence of abandonment.”

How are assets divided in divorce in Arizona?

The process of dividing assets and debts is two-fold. First, the court awards each spouse his or her separate property. Second, because each spouse is entitled to one-half of the community estate, the court divides community property equitably.