Is my spouse entitled to my personal injury settlement in NYS?

Is my spouse entitled to my personal injury settlement in NYS?

Special New York Statute Handles Personal Injury Proceeds By virtue of a special statute, N.Y. Dom. Law \xa7 236 B (1)(d), compensation for personal injuries received during the course of a marriage are deemed to be the separate property of the injured spouse.Jan 9, 2017

Is a personal injury settlement considered an asset?

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Courts have included personal injury settlements as marital assets in cases where the settlement primarily covers lost wages, funds are put in a joint account and used to pay household expenses or the settlement is meant to pay for damage to marital property.

Is my spouse entitled to my Personal Injury Settlement California?

However, California Family Code § 2603(b) states that “community estate personal injury damages” are entitled to the injured spouse. But if the personal injury settlement is the only asset the couple owns, then the non-injured spouse may not receive anything in return.

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