What is it called when the judge makes a decision?

What is it called when the judge makes a decision?

judgment – The official decision of a court finally determining the respective rights and claims of the parties to a suit. jurisdiction – (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case.

Is it OK to write a judge a letter?

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No. Sometimes people will send a letter or document to the judge and ask the judge not to tell the other party. Although you may have information that you want the judge to know about and keep in confidence, the judge is still required to disclose any ex parte communications to all parties.

What is reasoned decision?

Reasoned decision is one of the facets of natural justice. A statement of reasons in any order ensure the judge, parties and also public that the decision is arrived at after due consideration of all the relevant submissions, arguments and evidence produced. Giving of reasons promotes good decision making.

What are the three principles of natural justice?

Essentially, natural justice requires that a person receive a fair and unbiased hearing before a decision is made that will negatively affect them. The three main requirements of natural justice that must be met in every case are: adequate notice, fair hearing and no bias.

Is a judicial review?

Judicial Review is the process whereby a judge of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench reviews the decision of an administrative board or tribunal. Administrative bodies make decisions that affect peoples’ rights. It does not re-hear a case and often will not determine the rights between the parties.

How many principles of natural justice are there?

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three principles