Is there alimony in the state of Nevada?

Is there alimony in the state of Nevada?

Alimony in Nevada is the monetary payments that a court orders one spouse to pay the other following a Nevada divorce. Also called spousal support, alimony is not always awarded. It is most common in longer marriages when one spouse earns much more than the other.

How do you qualify for alimony in Nevada?

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Who Qualifies for Alimony?each spouse’s financial condition.the nature and value of each spouse’s property.each spouse’s contribution to the marital property.the length of the marriage.both spouse’s income, earning capacity, age, and health.the marital standard of living.More items…

How long do you have to pay alimony in Nevada?

If the marriage is from 3 to 20 years, alimony could be granted for as many years as half of the length of the marriage, e.g, if married for 10 years, alimony is paid for five years. If the marriage was longer than 20 years then permanent alimony is highly possible, and even likely.

What are the alimony laws in Nevada?

A common misconception is that a spouse is entitled to alimony after a divorce. In Nevada, that is not the case. However, state law does provide for several different types of alimony — which is also called spousal support — that a court may award in a divorce case.