What do I need to bring to a divorce attorney consultation?

What do I need to bring to a divorce attorney consultation?

10 things to bring to your initial consultation with a divorce…Prepare your Schedule of Assets and Debts. Prepare your Income and Expense Declaration. Prepare a list of questions you want to ask the divorce lawyer. Tax Returns. Self-employment documents. List out the relevant facts about your case. Ask the attorney for his or her client intake sheet in advance of the meeting.More items…•Feb 5, 2017

What happens at a divorce lawyer consultation?

You will explain your situation, the lawyer will ask you questions to get a better understanding of the issues, and you will get to ask questions about your rights and options. A good divorce lawyer will put you at ease, really listen to what you are saying, and take the time to answer your questions.

How much do divorce attorneys charge per hour?

Most lawyers charge a flat fee or retainer to help with a divorce, but in general family law attorneys charge an average between $150-$250 per hour, though some might charge as much as $650 or more an hour to help clients through a complicated or difficult divorce, like one in which couples have their businesses or …Apr 3, 2020

What should I not tell my divorce attorney?

One cardinal rule any divorce attorney will tell you: never hide money, property or debts. It will, without question, come out in the process of discovery. There are many tools that attorneys and the courts can use to get to hidden information including depositions, financial investigations with experts and subpoenas.5 Apr 2017

How long do you have to be married to split 50 50?

After the first day of marriage, all property is marital property and may be divided 50/50. There is no minimum length of marriage that will guarantee a 50/50 division of anything.8 Mar 2017