What is considered abandonment in Mississippi?

What is considered abandonment in Mississippi?

Under Mississippi law, “[w]illful, continued and obstinate desertion for the space of one (1) year” is grounds for divorce. In other words, a spouse’s intentional and continued abandonment of the other (innocent) spouse for one year or longer, without interruption by reconciliation, constitutes desertion.

What are grounds for desertion?

Criminal desertion is a husband’s or wife’s abandonment or willful failure without JUST CAUSE to provide for the care, protection, or support of a spouse who is in ill health or necessitous circumstances. Desertion, which is called abandonment in some statutes, is a DIVORCE ground in a majority of states.

Is Mississippi a mother State?

Under Mississippi’s own laws, joint custody is permitted for separated or divorced parents, and grandparents’ visitation rights are legally recognized. And while courts do not officially consider the wishes of the child in custody matters, court custody determinations are always guided by the child’s best interests.