Are mugshots public record in Massachusetts?

Are mugshots public record in Massachusetts?

As for mug shots, Massachusetts law says booking photos taken prior to criminal proceedings are public record and do not fall under a public-records exemption granted for CORI, or Criminal Offender Record Information, reports.

How do I get my criminal record in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, a criminal record is called a CORI, which stands for “Criminal Offender Record Information” and these reports are largely open to anyone through an online portal run by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services.

What shows up on a Massachusetts CORI check?

CORI stands for Criminal Offender Record information. There is CORI on you if you have ever been charged with a crime in a Massachusetts court. Your CORI report is a list of your criminal charges. It includes all cases even if you were found not guilty or the case was dismissed.

How do I find my criminal record in RI?

Information on most adult criminal cases may be accessible on the public portal database maintained by the Rhode Island judiciary. A search can be initiated by clicking on the ”smart search” box and typing the name of the party of interest in the box provided.

How do I expunge my record in Rhode Island?

You must provide notice of your motion to expunge to the Department of Attorney General and the local police department that convicted you. This is an essential part of the process. The Attorney General and the police department must receive notification of the date and time of your scheduled expungement hearing.