Can I change my middle name when I get married in California?

Can I change my middle name when I get married in California?

Court Orders in California. If you want to legally change anything other than your last name after marriage in California\u2014either your first or middle name\u2014you’ll have to file a petition for a name change and go through the regular legal name change process. Click here to find your local court clerk.

How do I change my first name in California?

Here’s how to change your first name in California:Start the legal process. File a petition with your local court requesting the change.Complete and File All Required Forms. Petition for Name Change Form NC-100. Publish Notice of Name Change. Court Hearing.

How can I change my daughters last name in California?

Fill out your court forms. Have your forms reviewed. Make 3 copies of all your forms. File your forms with the court clerk. Serve the other parent of your child. Publish the Order to Show Cause for Change of Name (If Required) Go to your court hearing. Get your Decree Changing Name from the court.

What to do when you hate your name?

7 Things You Can do if You Hate Your Name …Consider Why You Hate It. (Your reaction) Why do you actually hate your name? Shorten It. (Your reaction) Use Your Middle Name or Nickname. (Your reaction) Go for a Variation. (Your reaction) Look for an Inspirational Namesake. (Your reaction) Change the Spelling. (Your reaction) Choose a New Name. (Your reaction)