How do I add my marriage date on ancestry com?

How do I add my marriage date on ancestry com?

Adding facts and eventsGo to the profile page of a person in your tree.On their profile page, click the Facts tab.In the Facts column, click Add.Select an event type. Enter information about the fact or event and click Add. To add a source or photo to the fact or event you just added, hover over it and click Edit.Weitere Eintr├Ąge…

How do I remove my name from ancestry com?

Opt Out of ancestry.comE-mail your request for removal, include in the email your email address, the URL address to the page in which the information appears, and specify what you would like to have removed. Wait up to 2 business days.

Are arranged marriages or love marriages more successful?

Pro-arranged marriage community always point the rate of divorce among love marriages. interestingly both groups never cite the happily married couples in both cases. A perfect or successful marriage is where both couples adjust themselves to suit each other.