How do I file a no contest divorce in California?

How do I file a no contest divorce in California?

STEP 1Fill out your court forms. Fill out a Response (Form FL-120. Have your forms reviewed. Make at least 2 copies of all your forms. File your forms with the court clerk within 30 days of being served with the Petition. Serve your papers on your spouse or domestic partner. File your Proof of Service.

What’s the latest you can get an annulment?

filing for divorce online

If you’re filing for annulment because you married when you were under the age of 18, you have to file for annulment within four years after you turn 18. If you are filing for annulment on grounds of bigamy, you or your spouse can file at any time while the spouse from the first marriage is still alive.

What is the time limit for an annulment in California?

4 years

Can you annul a marriage for cheating?

No, cheating is not grounds for annulment. Annulments are available only for specific statutory grounds which include such things as incest, bigamy, and mental incapacity.