How do I find out if someone is married in Mississippi?

How do I find out if someone is married in Mississippi?

Mississippi marriage records are maintained by state and county officials. You can order a copy of a marriage record from MSDH, and you can have us search for the county in which the marriage license was issued.

Does MS require blood test for marriage?

Marriage Law Requirements for Mississippi: Both Parties must be 21 years of age to get married in Mississippi. Picture ID and Proof of age is required. The fee for a Mississippi marriage license varies by county and is required at the time of application. There is no waiting period or blood tests in Mississippi.

How long is a MS marriage license valid?

There is no blood work or waiting period required and the license does not expire once it has been issued. If either applicant has been married before we must know the date the last marriage ended. If the divorce was within the last 6 months, we must have a copy of the divorce decree.

Do you have to get a blood test to get married in Mississippi?

Do I need a blood test to obtain a marriage license? As of J, a blood test is no longer required to obtain a marriage license in Mississippi.