How does Experian verify public records?

How does Experian verify public records?

Experian purchases old public records from a large company called Lexis/Nexis. Experian does their ” verification ” electronically with Lexis. That is why Experian can send back the verifcation so rapidly for public records.

How do I find derogatory public records on my credit report?

Check for delinquent payments under all your accounts, and then look for public records and accounts in collections. If you have a derogatory mark on your TransUnion credit report and it’s an error, you can file a dispute using Credit Karma’s free Direct Disputeā„¢ tool.

Does each consumer have just one credit score?

6. The answer is b: No. Consumers have many credit scores. Consumers have generic scores, often developed by the three national credit bureaus, which are made available by these credit bureaus, by FICO, by some lenders, and by some independent websites (such as,, and