What comes after discovery in a divorce?

What comes after discovery in a divorce?

Depositions are sworn testimony from an opposing party or witnesses in a divorce. Depositions often take place in an attorney’s office under oath and with a court reporter present. The reporter makes a deposition transcript after the fact.

When can Plaintiff serve discovery in California?

Plaintiff may Serve Discovery Questions to Another Party \u2013 10 days after service of complaint. [CCP \xa7 2030.020 (interrogatories)],[2031.020 (inspection demands)].

What is discovery in child custody?

What is Discovery? The purpose of discovery is to allow the parties to obtain full knowledge of the issues and facts of the case before trial. Each party to the case will serve varying \u201crequests\u201d for information (discovery) in order to learn the facts of the case and obtain evidence to be used at trial.

Is a discovery public record?

In most jurisdictions, there is no general right of access to discovery materials that are not filed with the court. Moreover, in lawsuits where the government is a party, you may seek access to discovery documents through the relevant public records law.

What is the most common tool used in discovery?

Data mining

How is perjury different from lying?

How is perjury different from making false statements? To commit perjury, you have to be under oath, and you have to knowingly fib about something that’s relevant to the case at hand. (Your statement must also be literally false—lies of omission don’t count.)