How do you prove someone is your legal guardian?

How do you prove someone is your legal guardian?

Proving by Judicial Decree. Show your order or letter of guardianship signed by a judge. If you were appointed as guardian by a court, simply provide a copy of your order or letter of guardianship that the judge signed. Show the will appointing you as guardian.

Can executor be guardian?

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The guardian must also work with the executor and trustee to ensure that any estate assets are properly managed and distributed to the children. While it may be possible for someone to serve as both guardian and trustee, an independent party acting as trustee can also oversee the guardian’s activities.

Do both executors need to sign?

During the administration of the estate those Executors who have obtained a Grant of Probate (more of which later) must act jointly. That is to say that they must all agree on a course of action and each sign any documents, etc. Clearly there may be problems if those appointed do not get on.

When there are two executors of a will?

If the will names multiple executors, but only one person wishes to take out a grant of probate, it is wise for at least one of the others to sign a power reserved letter, just in case the acting executor cannot complete the administration of the estate.

Who becomes executor if executor dies?

By River Braun, J.D. If a will’s executor dies or is unable to serve for other reasons, the court appoints another person. After your death, this person, also called an agent, personal representative, or fiduciary, handles your estate.

Can executors claim expenses?

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As long as the expense can be justified as a legitimate cost related to their role and receipts are recorded and kept as part of the estate accounts, an executor’s costs can be reimbursed from the estate.

How long is an executor responsible?

The length of time an executor has to distribute assets from a will varies by state, but generally falls between one and three years.