What are the 6 steps of division?

What are the 6 steps of division?

Step 2: Simple Division

  1. Setup the division problem (84/7).
  2. Divide 8 by 7 to get 1. Place this on top of the 8 and the division sign.
  3. Multiply 1 and 7 to get 7.
  4. Subtract 7 from 8 to get 1.
  5. Carry down the 4.
  6. Divide 14 by 7 to get 2.
  7. Multiply 2 by 7 to get 14.
  8. Subtract 14 from 14 to get 0.

How do you divide a 4 digit number?

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Division of Four-Digit by a One-Digit Numbers

  1. The same procedure will be adopted to divide a 4-digit number by a single digit number. (i) 3408 ÷ 3. 3 x 1Th = 3Th, 1Th is the quotient.
  2. or, Instead of 3000, we put 3.
  3. (ii) 6585 ÷ 5. (i) 5 x 1Th = 5Th.
  4. (iii) 4107 ÷ 6. Quotient = 684 Remainder = 3.
  5. (iv) 7608 ÷ 8.
  6. (v) 9575 ÷ 5. Check:
  7. (vi) 74768 ÷ 7. Check:

How do you read division problems?

For all three division symbols, we say “divided by.” The division in a is read from left to right: “twelve divided by six.” The division in b is read from top to bottom: “twelve divided by six.” The division in c is written with a division box. We read the number inside the box first: “twelve divided by six.”

How do you divide a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number?

To divide a four-digit number by a two-digit number (for example 3654 47), follow these steps:

  1. Place the divisor (47) before the division bracket and place the dividend (3654) under it.
  2. Examine the first two digits of the dividend (36).
  3. Multiply the 7 by 47 and place the result (329) below the 365 of the dividend.

How do you teach a 2 digit division?

Divide the first number of the dividend (or the two first numbers if the previous step took another digit) by the first digit of the divisor. Write the result of this division in the space of the quotient. Multiply the digit of the quotient by the divisor, write the result beneath the dividend and subtract it.

How do you divide triple digits by triple digits?

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Divide the dividend’s first number (which is 3 in our example) by the divisor’s first number (1). 3 divided by 1 is 3. Then, we multiply our divisor (125) by 3 and see that it fits in (in other words, that it’s less than) the dividend’s 3 numbers. So, we place the result underneath the dividend’s 3 digits and subtract.

How do you divide whole numbers?

Divide whole numbers

  1. Divide the first digit of the dividend by the divisor.
  2. Write the quotient above the dividend.
  3. Multiply the quotient by the divisor and write the product under the dividend.
  4. Subtract that product from the dividend.
  5. Bring down the next digit of the dividend.

How do you do long division with one digit divisors?

Single Digit Division

  1. STEP 1: Put 1728 in the dividend position, and the 6 in place of the divisor.
  2. STEP 2: Take the first digit of the dividend, in this case, 1.
  3. STEP 5: The next step is to bring down the next digit of the dividend, which is the 2.
  4. STEP 6: We repeat step 5 with the next digit of the dividend, which is 8.