What happens if you violate child visitation?

What happens if you violate child visitation?

First, since the arrangement is essentially a court order, violating a child custody or visitation agreement can lead to contempt of court issues. This can result in consequences including possible criminal penalties such as fines or jail time.

What do I do if visitation is truly harming my child?

If there is a court order for visitation and you stop visitation without the judge's approval, the non-custodial parent may take you to court for contempt or to get an injunction. You may have to pay the non-custodial parent's attorney fees.

Can you go to jail for denying visitation?

When Visitation Rights are Denied A custodial parent who denies the noncustodial parent his or her visitation rights may be held in contempt of court, and be fined and/or jailed.

What is contempt of court with child visitation?

A motion for contempt of court in a child custody context simply alleges that the ex violated the court's custody order. This can happen by them either doing or failing to do something. After this, hearing will be set, and at the hearing, you will argue your motion for contempt of court.