Can a judge force you to get an attorney?

Can a judge force you to get an attorney?

A judge does not force any individual to pay for a lawyer, because you are not required to be represented by a lawyer in most courts. if you are charged with a crime, and believe you cannot afford a lawyer, you may bring your income records to the court.

Should you accept a plea deal?

A judge must also review the deal to ensure its legality, and he/she must actually accept the plea deal and guilty plea. If the judge does not accept the plea deal or plea, then its void, and the parties must enter into another agreement or proceed to trial/sentencing.

How do you get a good plea deal?

Consider a plea deal offered by the prosecution.Be realistic. If your case is weak, don’t expect a dismissal or a great plea deal. Be flexible. If the prosecutor offers a plea deal that isn’t as good as you had hoped for. Don’t give in too quickly. Plea bargaining is a negotiation. Propose alternatives.

Do first time felony offenders go to jail?

Possible Punishment Depends on the Crime In some states, there are classes of felonies, which have standardized punishments. So a Class 2 felony in some state might carry 5-10 years in prison as punishment. Here are some examples for the first-time felony charges: First-degree sexual assault: 5-50 years in prison.