Can I file an emergency modification of custody?

Can I file an emergency modification of custody?

So if you want to file an emergency motion to modify child custody you must first determine that you have cause under what is considered an emergency, then a motion needs to be filed laying out the evidence that you have that the modification is necessary, because it is filed as an emergency you will be brought into …

When can a child choose which parent to live with in Colorado?

At What Age Can a Child Decide Which Parent To Live With in Colorado? The judge ruling upon your divorce case will take your child’s wishes into account when determining custody. A child between the ages of 12-14 will be given the opportunity to state which parent they would prefer to live with primarily.

Can a custodial parent lose custody if homeless?

You will not automatically lose custody of your child just because you went through a brief period of instability. However, the court is concerned, not so much about you and what you want, but the court is mainly concerned about what is in the best…

What if non custodial parent is homeless?

If indeed he does become homeless, you and your lawyer need to petition the court to review the custody order, assuming you have a formal one. If he can take the child to his mother’s/her grandmother’s and it is a safe place for the child to be (adequate food, etc.), he may still be able to exercise his parenting time.