Can you get a marriage license in Michigan right now?

Can you get a marriage license in Michigan right now?

Marriage License applications are available through the Oakland County Clerk’s Office. You must apply in person at the Vital Records office or online. If one person is coming to the office to apply, they must have documentation for both parties.

Where do u go to get a marriage license?

The easiest place to go for your marriage license is the county clerk’s office.

How long does it take to get a marriage license in Michigan?

A 3-day waiting period for a marriage license to be issued is required by Michigan law. This 3-day waiting period is considered satisfied if the online application is completed more than three days prior to coming into the Clerk’s office to pay the application fee and complete the process.

How much does a marriage license cost in Michigan?

Fee per couple: $20.00 for Michigan residents; $30.00 for out-of-state residents. Your marriage license will expire 33 days from the date of application. Do not apply if your ceremony will be held more than 34 days from today.

What happens if a marriage license is never turned in Michigan?

A marriage license is rendered VOID if it is not used (i.e. SOLEMNIZED) within 33 days of the date on the application. Once this process is completed, you will receive your marriage license ON THE SAME DAY YOU APPLY. The license is ONLY VALID in the STATE OF MICHIGAN.

Who can legally marry you in Michigan?

To perform marriage ceremonies a person should be an ordained minister, magistrate (a civil officer with power to administer and enforce law — Justice of the Peace), mayor of a Michigan city or a judge.

How much does it cost to get married at the courthouse in Detroit Michigan?

You must pay in cash or debit/credit card when you apply. The fee is $20.00 if one or both applicants is a Wayne County resident or $30.00 if both parties are out-of-state residents.

What states can you marry same day?

Most states allow you to get married immediately after a marriage license is issued. There are seven exceptions. Delaware, Illinois, and New York have a one-day wait. Maryland has a two-day wait.

What’s it called when you get married without anyone knowing?

Usually, you elope to get married without anyone knowing in advance. The word elope probably originated with the Middle Dutch word lopen, meaning “run away.” Couples who elope typically don’t seek anyone’s permission before running off to get married, not even their parents.

Can you elope and then have a real wedding later?

If you want to elope, it’s still your wedding! Go ahead and elope. But after that you’ll be married, so you can’t really have a “wedding.” Just be honest that you are already married and have a casual, non-wedding party at home if you want. Or, best option, just have the wedding and reception all in one day.