How is child custody determined in Colorado?

How is child custody determined in Colorado?

Child’s Wishes A child’s own wishes are considered in making a child custody determination in Colorado. The judge will listen to the child if the child is mature enough to have an independent opinion. Unlike many states, there’s no age at which the judge must listen to the child’s wishes.

Why do marriages fail after 25 years?

Here are some reasons marriages fall apart after 25 years: Undiagnosed mental illness. There is only so much a married person can take from a spouse with an undiagnosed mental illness who refuses to seek help. Personality disorders.

How do I separate from my husband without divorce?

A couple can become legally separated without having to go through a lawyer or submitting any paperwork to the court. In a Separation Agreement, “living apart” simply means that the married couple has decided to live separate lives. They may live in different homes, or they may live together in the marital home.