How long does it take for judge to sign divorce decree in California?

How long does it take for judge to sign divorce decree in California?

90 days

Should I sign a stipulation of settlement?

Before you sign a stipulation, remember, you will be held to whatever terms you agree to in writing. Even though you may want to settle your case quickly, don’t feel pressured into making a settlement you don’t understand. If you are told or asked to sign something that you don’t understand, DO NOT sign it.

Is a stipulation binding?

A valid stipulation is binding only on the parties who agree to it. Courts are usually bound by valid stipulations and are required to enforce them. The parties can also enter into agreements concerning the testimony an absent witness would give if he were present, and the stipulated facts can be used in evidence.

What is the difference between a motion and a stipulation?

A: Jointly filed motions mean that both parties file together and are in agreement of most/all matters. Stipulated motions are like jointly filed, except that one or both parties only agrees to some aspects of the divorce.

What happens if you break a stipulation?

Once you’ve broken terms of a stipulation the LL does not have to accept the money, most will but some won’t. It really depends on your situation with the LL. The court *may* compel him to take the rent and agree to a new stipulation, but the LL can fight that as well.