How much does the average divorce cost in Colorado?

How much does the average divorce cost in Colorado?

Based on our analysis of the combined data from the reader survey and attorney study, the results showed that the average total cost of a Colorado divorce with no disputed issues is $3,500-$4,200 (based on minimum and maximum hourly fees).

Does cheating help in a divorce?

According to some estimates, 17% of marriages end because of a cheating spouse. Divorce attorneys assist with divorces due to infidelity on a regular basis over their careers. Women cheat to gain an emotional connection, while men cheat mostly for sex.

Does cheating spouse get half?

Infidelity Won’t Get You More Money in the Courts Every state in the United States offers some form of a “no-fault divorce,” which allows you to cite a version of “irreconcilable differences,” as your reason for divorce. As such, your spouse cannot be penalized by a judge for cheating in most circumstances.

Is seeing someone while separated cheating?

Dating during a marital separation may or may not classify as cheating, depending on the promises made and expectations held by both spouses. In either case, however, dating while technically married can have detrimental legal effects in some states.