What can you not do during divorce mediation?

What can you not do during divorce mediation?

Don’t hide behind someone else and expect the best possible outcome. Do NOT hide assets. If you lie, you’re setting yourself up from so many headaches. Honest financial disclosure is part of the trust building required to make mediation work.

What happens if other party refuses mediation?

However, if the court considers that the successful party unreasonably refused an offer of mediation, it may punish that party by reducing the costs which it is able to recover; the rationale is that if the party had agreed to mediate when invited, the claim may well have been settled and the further costs avoided.

What do I do if my partner refuses mediation?

What happens if one partner refuses to go to mediation, or if they attend but refuse to participate? The amendments to the Family Law Act make it compulsory to attend mediation before making an application in Court regarding parenting matters. The Court may also determine whether to award costs against a party.

What do you talk about in mediation?

What will we talk about in mediation? Parents can use mediation to talk about many issues. You can discuss your concerns about legal issues such as parenting time, legal custody, property division, and child support.