What community correction means?

What community correction means?

Community corrections include probation — correctional su​pervision within the community rather than jail or prison — and parole — a period of conditional, supervised release from prison. …

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Meet the Basic Qualifications for El Paso County Deputy Sheriff Candidacy. Pass a Written Examination and Deputy Oral Board Interview. Pass a Background Investigation and Computer Voice Stress Analysis Exam. Pass a Medical Exam, Physical Assessment, Psychological Exam and Drug Screening Test.مزيد من العناصر…

What does the name El Paso mean?

El Paso is a city in the U.S. state of Texas (near Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico). The name comes from El Paso de Norte, meaning The Passageway to the North, which was shortened to El Paso.

Is Albuquerque bigger than El Paso?

Tucson is 227 square miles, Albuquerque is 190 square miles, and El Paso is 256 square miles. All three cities are spread out, accounting for the large difference in metropolitan population versus census figures.

What is the safest city in United States?


What does Albuquerque mean in Spanish?

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According to the City of Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau, the word Albuquerque comes from the Latin words “albus” and “quercus,” meaning “white oak.”