What is the limitation for execution of decree?

What is the limitation for execution of decree?

The period of limitation for an application for the execution of any decree (other than a decree granting a mandatory injunction) or order of any Civil Court is twelve years and the time of limitation starts to run from the date when the decree or order becomes enforceable or where the decree or any subsequent order …

What is an execution petition?

It simply means the process for enforcing the decree that is passed in favour of the decree-holder by a competent court. As per Rule 2 (e) of Civil Rules of Practice “Execution Petition” means a petition to the Court for the execution of any decree or order.

What does judgment debtor mean?

In English and American law, a judgment debtor is a person against whom a judgment ordering him to pay a sum of money has been obtained and remains unsatisfied.

What does judgment creditor mean?

A judgment creditor is a party to which a debt is owed that has proved the debt in a legal proceeding and that is entitled to use judicial process to collect the debt. A creditor becomes a “judgment creditor” when a judgment is rendered stating that they are entitled to recover a particular debt from a judgment debtor.