What is wasteful dissipation of marital property?

What is wasteful dissipation of marital property?

One such harmful action that we sometimes see is known as the wasteful dissipation of marital assets. This is exactly what it sounds like: purposely wasting money and other marital property for one’s own benefit, and to prevent one’s spouse from obtaining his or her fair share of property division.

What does marital misconduct mean in divorce?

Sometimes, though, the spouse filing for divorce cites \u201cmarital misconduct\u201d on the other spouse’s part. Marital misconduct is any action by which one spouse intentionally sabotages the marriage or the other spouse’s wellbeing.

Is it OK to date others while separated?

Can I Date During My Separation? Yes, you can date someone else after you separate from your spouse. There is nothing illegal or wrong about dating while married and waiting for your divorce as long as you are living separate and apart.

How long does the average separation last?

about six months