Do I have to pay child support if wife makes more?

Do I have to pay child support if wife makes more?

If she is the primary custodian, you will owe child support to her. If you two have shared custody, or equal custodial time, then, in this state, the higher wage earner will still have an obligation to pay child support to the lower wage earner, however it will be a reduced figure due to his or her shared custody time.

How does child support work if custodial parent makes more money?

Child support is based on the income of both parties and the percentage of the custodial timeshare. So, depending on their relative incomes and the relative custodial timeshare, it’s possible that the parent with more income and more custody would have to pay the other.

What is a fair amount for alimony?

There is no firm dollar figure for spousal support. The amount should be decided by both parties. Some common ways of calculating spousal support are to take up to 40% of the paying spouse’s net income (post-child support), less 50% of the amount of the supported spouse’s net income (if he or she is working).

What is the age to stop paying child support in CT?

18 years old

What is child support used for in CT?

Child support is meant to be a contribution toward the basic household expenses incident to raising a child, such as food, clothing, and the child’s share of shelter expenses.

Where do I send my child support payments in CT?

Individuals can continue to pay child support by mailing a check or money order to the Connecticut State Disbursement Center at: Connecticut-CCSPC, P.O. Box 990031, Hartford, CT Please make sure to include your file number and/or Social Security number on the check or money order.

How will I know if child support Take my stimulus?

The federal government should send an offset notice to you when your stimulus rebate payment has actually been intercepted. The notice will tell you that your stimulus rebate payment has been applied to your child support debt and to contact the Child Support Division if you believe this was done in error.

What is a Motion to Modify hearing?

A request for a change is made by filing a “motion to modify” the divorce decree or judgment. This motion is usually filed with the same court where the divorce judgment was issued. The court will schedule a hearing date and you will be able to present your argument.

How long does a protective order last in CT?

one year

What is a protective order in CT?

Family Violence Protective Order (section 46b-38c of the Connecticut General Statutes) is an order that is issued at the time of arraignment during a criminal proceeding. Usually these orders are recommended by either the family relations office or in some cases the state’s attorney’s office.