Do you have to sign divorce papers when served?

Do you have to sign divorce papers when served?

If you post the divorce documents, your spouse must sign and return to you the Acknowledgement of Service (Divorce) as proof of service. You will need to file this document at the court. If you post the documents but do not get the Acknowledgement of Service (Divorce), you must try to serve your spouse in another way.

Do you have to sign divorce papers in Georgia?

At the time of filing the divorce case, only the party filing the complaint for divorce (request for divorce) will be required to sign the paperwork. The service of the complaint for divorce will inform the other party of the petition and will give the other party a court date to address the matter.

How do I serve divorce papers in Tennessee?

The court may refer to this process as serving papers, which means giving official notice by delivering a copy of the divorce petition to your spouse. To properly serve your spouse, you can request a sheriff or a process server in your spouse’s home state to deliver the documents.