How do I file for divorce in RI without a lawyer?

How do I file for divorce in RI without a lawyer?

Overview of the Process for Filing an Uncontested, No-Fault DivorceFile the divorce complaint. You will need to file a “Complaint for Divorce,” along with other required forms. Serve your spouse and file a proof of service. Prepare for your hearing. Finalize your divorce.

How much does a divorce cost in Rhode Island?

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If a case is truly uncontested, with no children and no assets to divide, a divorce will cost around $600.00 plus costs ( filing fee to clerk of $120.00 and cost to have other spouse served which is usually about $40).

When you get a divorce do you get half of everything?

Actually the family court uses what we call a 4 (or 5) step approach to determine who gets what in divorce or separation. Most commonly people end up with 60/40 or even 70/30. Rarely they get half.

Do you still get half if you cheat?

Infidelity Won’t Get You More Money in the Courts Every state in the United States offers some form of a “no-fault divorce,” which allows you to cite a version of “irreconcilable differences,” as your reason for divorce. As such, your spouse cannot be penalized by a judge for cheating in most circumstances.