How do I contact sprint by phone?

How do I contact sprint by phone?

This section supports personal wireless customers only.

  1. Support Help:
  2. Chat:
  3. Social Customer Care:
  4. Sprint Customer Service phone number: If troubleshooting your Sprint phone, please contact us from a different phone.
  5. Postal Mail:

What is Sprint 24 hour customer service number?

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1 (888) 211-4727

How do I call Sprint?


  1. New and current customers. Shop now 24/7.
  2. Call to order.
  3. Online.
  4. Pay by phone. Call *3 from your Sprint phone to make a payment using our automated system.

How do you check text messages on Sprint?

You can get 90 days of text details, right now. Simply: Go to and sign in to your account. Click Calls/Texts Logs….Text details displayed on your My Sprint account include:

  1. Sending phone number.
  2. Receiving phone number.
  3. Date and time the message was sent and received.

Is Hulu free with Sprint?

Hulu (Hulu’s ad-supported plan) is now included with the Sprint Unlimited plan at no additional cost to you.

How long is Hulu free with Sprint?

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Sprint Unlimited comes with a free six-month trial of the music-streaming service Tidal and one year of Hulu with Limited Commercials.

Is Sprint Netflix free?

No. Free Netflix isn’t for all T-Mobile customers. It’s only for certain newer family plans. It seems incredibly unlikely that they’d start offering free Netflix on any Sprint plans – they have plans that customers will be able to migrate to that offer it.

Does Sprint give you Amazon Prime?

The plan costs $90 a month. Sprint launched a new unlimited plan Friday called Unlimited Premium that includes Amazon Prime, Hulu, TIDAL, Lookout Premium Plus and a 50GB LTE mobile hotspot. It costs $90 a month.

What deals Does Sprint have for new customers?

  • iPhone 12 Series. Get One On Us.
  • Get An iPhone 12 On Us For Every Plan. When you add a line and trade in an eligible device.
  • 50% Off. Get up to 50% off an iPhone 11 64GB when you add a new line.
  • BOGO On Us. Purchase an iPhone series 12 device and get up to $729.99 off a qualifying iPhone.

Does Sprint have discounts for seniors?

Sprint new customers who are 55 of age and over can get the Sprint 55+ plan, which is an unlimited plan for a discounted price as a Sprint discount for senior citizens.

Does Sprint have free phone upgrades?

The easiest way to ensure that you are eligible for free phone upgrades through Sprint is to enroll in the iPhone Forever or Galaxy Forever program. When you begin the program, you receive an iPhone or Galaxy phone depending on your preference and a yearly leasing plan featuring monthly payment installments.