How do you hide clues?

How do you hide clues?

Ten Ways to Hide Clues in Your Mystery: Surprise Your Reader

  1. Clues to Your Clues. Writing a traditional mystery takes planning, and clues are a major part of that plan.
  2. Sequence Diversion – Put the real clue right before the false one.
  3. Secret Emphasis –
  4. Before It Counts –
  5. Missed It –
  6. The Not a Clue –
  7. Piece by Piece –
  8. In Plain Sight –

How do you write a mystery clue?

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Read 7 clues for writing your own engrossing puzzler:

  1. Know different types of mysteries inside out.
  2. Brainstorm your best mystery plot ideas.
  3. Use core elements of gripping mystery plots.
  4. Drop teasing clues like trails of crumbs.
  5. Give characters strong motivations to find solutions.

How do you solve a mystery step by step?

7 Investigation Strategies From Sherlock Holmes

  1. Defining the Mystery. In order to solve a puzzle, you need to know exactly what the puzzle is.
  2. Approach Each Mystery With a Blank Mind.
  3. Learn How to Read A Situation.
  4. Use Logic.
  5. Never Give Up the Opportunity to Listen.
  6. Never Underestimate Anyone.
  7. Learn How to Recognize Vital Facts from Incidental Facts.

What is a mystery person?

A mystery person or thing is one whose identity or nature is not known.

How do you write a short mystery story?


  1. Start with the main character.
  2. Put your character in an interesting setting.
  3. Create an intriguing mystery with a puzzle to solve.
  4. Build up the tension to keep the story exciting.
  5. Include some thrilling cliffhangers to keep the story entertaining.
  6. Resolve the mystery with a satisfying conclusion.

How do you make a mystery game?

  1. Assemble your murder mystery game cast. Now, this might seem like an unusual first step. “
  2. Set the (Murder Mystery) Scene. OK, we can begin to have a bit of fun here.
  3. Give every murder mystery character a motive.
  4. Create character backstories.
  5. Slow reveals and red herrings.
  6. Make it a game.
  7. The Slip Up.

How do you write a good whodunit?

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10 Tips for Writing Your Whodunit

  1. Choose the right setting for your crime.
  2. Use setting to reveal backstory.
  3. Know your antagonist.
  4. Know your victim.
  5. Make life hard for your main character.
  6. Avoid abstract terms.
  7. Consider your pacing to create suspense.
  8. Increase suspense by using dual narratives.

How do you plan a murder mystery party without a kit?

If you are theatrically minded, consider creating your own murder mystery instead of buying a kit.

  1. Write a basic plot.
  2. Develop and cast the main characters.
  3. Create a rough time line for the event.
  4. Announce the evening’s theme well in advance.
  5. Set the stage with costuming, decorations and props.

Who is the killer EP 1?

The Old Sins is the first episode of the Who is the Killer? series. Your friend the Baroness has invited you to stay at her castle for a few days.