Should I ask her out in front of her friends?

Should I ask her out in front of her friends?

If you ask her out personally without other people around, you give her the opportunity to respond genuinely, and you are treating her respectfully. If you ask her out in front of her friends, then her response is going to depend on her relationship with the people around her.

Can asking someone out ruin a friendship?

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What if You Ruin the Friendship By Asking Her Out? You won't. As long as she is attracted to you, she is going to be happy when you ask her out. If the worst case scenario happens and she says, “Sorry, I just want to be friends” you can use that response to make her feel attracted to you.

Does asking someone out mean your dating?

“Asking someone out” is inviting someone to go to a restaurant, club, entertainment, or social activity with you. It can be your treat or going dutch (each of you paying your own way). It can be part of dating or hooking up or it can be hanging out with a friend for the pleasure of their company.

Is it better to ask someone out in person?

Focus on getting little yesses from the other person: “I think talking in person is a better way of getting to know someone than email.” If you can get a yes on topics you know they'll agree with, they're more likely to say yes to meeting up with you.