When did Triple H and Stephanie McMahon get together?

When did Triple H and Stephanie McMahon get together?

On-screen, they married in late 1999 when Triple H took a drugged and sedated Stephanie – this is the Attitude Era we're talking about – to a drive-through wedding in Las Vegas at the White Chapel. In reality, they wed in 2003 and they had the first of their three daughters in 2006.

Who was Stephanie McMahon with before Triple H?

The name "Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley" is the longest and contains most syllables in WWE history. It contains 24 letters and 7 syllables. Since her marriage to Paul Levesque (aka Triple H), she now goes by the name of Stephanie Levesque. Served as the WWE Smackdown general manager from July 2002 to October 2003.

What happened to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon?

As part of the storyline, the couple "divorced" after McMahon claimed to be pregnant in order to trick Triple H into renewing their marital vows. Triple H later discovered that she was lying though and left her at the altar during the renewal ceremony.

Did test really date Stephanie?

Test and Stephanie McMahon began an on-air relationship in the summer of 1999, much to Shane McMahon's dismay, which led to a Street Fight between the two, where if Test won, he was allowed to marry Stephanie, and so he did The match that is. An amnesia plot was written in and things got a little messy.